A minimal, service oriented, includeable library operating system for cloud services

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Run your C++ code directly on virtual hardware

IncludeOS aims to be the thinnest, lightest possible layer, between your C++ code and virtual hardware. We provide a bootloader, standard libraries, lots (we hope) of modules, and the build- and deployment system. You provide the service.

IncludeOS is designed for KVM/Linux but previous versions have also been tested successfully on VirtualBox (which again runs on OS X Windows and Linux) and Bochs

It's a prototype - be patient!

IncludeOS is not production ready - but we're working hard to become so.

It's a research project

IncludeOS is the result of a research project at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science (

A paper titled IncludeOS: a resource efficient unikernel for cloud services, which presents the first prototype, will appear at IEEE CloudCom 2015


IncludeOS was created by @alfred-bratterud, with lots of contributions from @fwsgonzo and others at the NETSYS group at HiOA.