A minimal, service oriented, includeable library operating system for cloud services

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What is IncludeOS?

IncludeOS is an performant, minimal unikernel operating system for the cloud. We provide a bootloader, standard libraries and the build- and deployment system. You just provide the service.

Test in VirtualBox or QEMU, and deploy your service on OpenStack.

Learn more

Read up on current development on our blog.

Read about IncludeOS in InfoWorld, listen to a podcast about IncludeOS or read IncludeOS: A Minimal, Resource Efficient Unikernel for Cloud Services.

Getting started

Everything is on GitHub: Just follow the simple installation instructions, and you will be writing your first service in no time. You can also read the documentation and look at known issues and feature requests.

If you want a command line interface, there is support for IncludeOS unikernels in UniK, the Unikernel Compilation and Deployment Platform from EMC.


IncludeOS is being developed on GitHub. Create your own fork, send us a pull request, and chat with us on Gitter.